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Marcia Pioppi Galazzi, M.Ed., Founder & President of The Family Schools, Inc. in Brewster, MA, is highly regarded as a Certified Family Life Educator Development Psychologist.  Marcia has her MEd from Harvard University with a focus on lifespan development. She has over 50 years of experience in recreation and education programming and is a national leader in early childhood education.

The Family School, founded in 1980, is based on the principle of focusing on the family unit, not just the child. She believed it was important for an educational institution to “work very closely with parents, supporting them to make moral development decisions for their children – in ways that other institutions might not.”  The school consistently works to “strengthen each family’s beliefs because families are the most effective teachers of their young children.” The Family School is a year round NAEYC accredited private school known for “growing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers as well as school age children into competent, masterful adults who succeed at what they choose to do.”  The school focuses on educating the individual styles of each child, providing “each child with the skills to recognize and capitalize on his or her own gifts”.

The Family School received national recognition in 1995 through the book, Common Sense Discipline: Building Self Esteem in Young Children – Life Stories. The Family School celebrates three decades of providing quality play-based educational experiences for children and has been recognized as one of top schools in the US that truly embraces diversity and inclusion. Marcia is a champion for families and providing family support - believing “families are the most unique and effective teachers of their young children” and has ensured that staff “works with each family in the art of nurture…enhancing the lives of families and their young children by sharing their professional skills.”

Over the years, the school has also offered after-school programs for children through Grade 5.  In the summer, it operates Brewster Day Camp that provides enriching summer programs on the school’s four-and-a-half acre campus as well as at Nickerson State Park for 300 children, ages 5-13, from around the world and across the country. The camp’s assemblies emphasize the camp’s four principles: courage, hope, good spirit and peace.

Marcia also founded the Foundation for Family Education, Inc. as a not for profit organization in 1982. Her goal was and is “enhancing family life by providing unique support services to adults who seek to raise healthy, stable and loving children.”  As she says, “Family relationships can sustain us, elevate us, and fulfill every emotional need, but those same relationships can also weaken the family bonds in extreme circumstances.  In the chaos of today's world, some families may not be financially, socially, or psychologically equipped to deal with the needs of their families, or even know where to look for help." 

“Not all families are adept at all ages of children’s development and you don’t have to be – that is if you are surrounded by others who have the wisdom of experience to share.  Some parents are really responsive to an infant but have great difficulty with an impetuous 2-year old. A different style of parenting is needed as a child grows.  It’s about letting go and about shaping the child’s growing freedom and interdependence.”

“When there are adults that can speak the baby’s language, that recognize the baby’s way of communicating and how they are connecting with others, and stay attuned and responsive to their needs, the child will know they are heard and understood in a way that let’s them know that they will not be abandoned.”  Marcia confidently states with all her years of experience: "We know what it takes for a child to be successful.  Our task is to recognize who the family is and the level of commitment needed for the child over their lifetime.  When kids draw a picture of all the members of their family, they are often adding folks whom they love, or drop out the ones who dismiss them.  We must train ourselves, all of us, to see and to know whom the family members are.  When a new born child first greets his family, he knows them by sight, sound, smell and taste, and those moments of attachment last a lifetime as a family continues to nourish the child at each age."

“Cape Cod Toy Library is exactly what can help link families with support from infancy through geriatrics. The establishment of a Toy Library is a component to holding a family stable.  The Cape Cod Toy Library holds all the pieces to creating attachment skills at every stage of development. This directly offers an opportunity as an alternative to behaviors that result in addiction. People who turn to addictive substances are seeking to soothe themselves from loneliness from the current cultural state.  Secondary settings chosen by families to spend time, whether a golf club or yacht club or Cape Cod Toy Library, make a profound difference in a child’s life. Cape Cod Toy Library can help families develop healthy attachments, preventing (stopping the cycle of) substance abuse and addiction.”

Marcia has also written numerous articles and a book entitled 101 Ways to Support Families which serves as a core training manual for the school and camp staff. Marcia is a role model for staff, families and community members and has served as a mentor to many.  She is a passionate organizer in the Cape community including serving as past president of the Board of Directors of the Orleans Academy of Performing Arts and of the Nauset Rotary Club. Marcia currently serves on the Nauset School Calendar Committee, Stony Brook Advisory Committee and Cape Tech Advisory Committee.  


Beverly A. Johnson, Bev’s formal education includes receiving her masters degree in Education at Harvard University, Ed.M.-Educational Administration, her B.S.- Early Childhood Education and A.A. in Foods and Nutrition from Boston University.  She’s also enjoyed many graduate courses at University of California at Berkeley and Santa Cruz, San Jose State, Lesley University, Wheelock College, Harvard University-Independent Study with Dr. Terry Deal, and Florida Atlantic University.

Bev brings her 50 years of professional experience and expertise (1963-2012) with a focus and passion for educating children and adults “organically” by building learning strategies based on the curiosity, needs and interests of the learner. Her breadth of experience includes:

  • Supervisor of Licensing 347 Child Care Centers-Broward County, Florida

  • President-Brookline Educators Association-Brookline, Mass.

  • Grant Administrator- Literacy Volunteers of America, and “Side-By-Side"- Broward County School Board, Florida.

  • Trainer " Word Woman" Project; Broward County Schools, Florida

  • Teacher Early-Childhood in Brookline and Needham, MA and Darien, CT (25-yrs)

  • Commissioner Bright Beginnings Commission, for successful kindergarten entry. School Board of Broward County, FL. (185,000 K-12 students- 165 schools)

  • Teacher-Adult Education-Broward County School Board-Assignments in ESL program; in The Motorola Corporation and Florida, Dept. of Transportation

  • Board Member- Vocational-Technical-Adult Educational Division-Broward County School Board, Florida Member-Broward County Literacy Coalition, Florida

  • Field Supervisor of Student Teachers-From Wheelock College, Boston College, Lesley College over a twenty-year period.

  • Founding Member-Brookline (Mass.) Teachers Center

  • Lab Instructor-Florida International University-Assisted Pre-Service Early Childhood Teachers with their developing practice using reflection-on-practice techniques through use of video cameras

  • Developer/Manager of a teacher resource center for the Adult and Continuing Education Department of the Broward County FL School District.


  • Recipient of Sharon Solomon ‘Person of the Year” award in Broward County (FL) in 1991 for child advocacy.

  • Featured in The Christian Science Monitor effective teachers in the Boston area.

  • Celebrated by the Governor of Massachusetts as one of a number of women influential in improving the quality of life in the State.

  • Co-Founder of Cape Women’s Coalition - an organization whose purpose is to increase the number of women on elected and appointed boards on Cape Cod.

  • Frequently volunteered for and was appointed to various committees to examine issues in children's learning over a 30+ year career in public education.

Memberships have included:

  • Harvard Club of Cape Cod

  • International Reading Association

  • Museum of Fine Arts- Boston

  • Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

  • Allen Harbor Yacht Club

  • The Harvard Faculty Club

Married since 1958 to Dr. Thomas P. Johnson, a national educational consultant, retired School Superintendent and parents of two grown children, and three grandchildren.


Thomas P. Johnson, Ed.D., brings his education leadership and consultation experience.

Tom received his Business Administration degree at Boston College, Counseling Psychology degree at Stanford University, Educational Administration, Social Policy and Planning at Harvard University.  He also completed post graduate studies in Educational Policy Studies-Florida International University. Tom is a retired military officer and has received several awards for his 25 years of ARNG & Army Reserve service in MA, GA, CA.CT.NY and with the US Army Audit Agency at the Pentagon. Early in his career he worked in sales and management and since then has dedicated 50+ year to the education field. He began as a Secondary Teacher of Economics, Accounting and Law for several years in Boston Public Schools, became a Personnel Director in Cambridge and Needham Public Schools and ultimately served as the Associate Superintendent of Schools in Broward County Florida.

He has been an adjunct fellow at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, and a site coordinator and national outreach consultant for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). He also developed a National Certificate for HR Executives in school districts for AASPA and wrote a “Career/College Road Map for students and parents.

Tom worked as a Consultant, Manager with NBPTS (New England) and OD/HR Systems Consulting with Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Private Clients for several years. His HR Audit and Organizational Consultant work has supported more than 50 schools in Massachusetts as well as numerous schools and school districts in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Kansas, Alabama and Florida.  He’s authored grants, national credentials, participated in bargaining projects and national outreach projects, worked on teacher evaluation models, a Race to the Top reader for proposals submitted to the Federal Department of Education, and more. He’s received several awards including Thompson/Reuters National Expert Witness listing (2013) and as a Judge-New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest 2016/17.  

In his retirement, Tom has especially enjoyed writing. He’s an active member of “Chatham Writers”, he’s is a frequent contributor to the OP-Ed pages of local newspapers and makes a daily practice of writing poetry and limericks. Tom and his wife of 60 years live on Cape Cod and enjoy playing golf and bridge with family and friends.

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Kimberly Kamborian, from Watertown MA and strong family connections on the Cape brings her expertise as a master science teacher as well as her strengths as a community builder, resource support provider and evaluator. Kimberly is recognized as a leader and a change agent as she has been instrumental in helping to transform, deepen and advance STEM initiatives.

Most recently, Kimberly’s role as Director of Programs for The Gelfand Family Charitable Trust from 2008-2017 involved her overseeing philanthropic projects with the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair and The Combined Jewish Philanthropies STEM Initiatives in Day Schools.

Kimberly’s 15 year teaching and administrative experience in the Boston Public Schools includes teaching biology, chemistry, and physics to 9-12 grade students, serving as Science Department Chair, Teacher/Intern Mentor, Student Advisor, S.E.E.D. Facilitator-Diversity Trainer, Science Fair Coordinator, Mass-Pep Coordinator, School Site Council member, Faculty Planning Team Member, and Advisor to Student Government. 

In addition, Kimberly has taught science in other public and private schools in Massachusetts including Medford, Prides Crossing, Natick, Newton, and Waltham. She also taught hands-on science with 6th grade students in Orange County, California.  With this teaching position, she formulated teaching strategies for Botany, Wildlife, Geology and Astronomy.

Kimberly has a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Tufts University and a BA in Anthropology from Boston University. Additionally, she has had extensive course work at Harvard University, U/MA Boston and Salem State University with numerous field experiences. The impressive list includes: The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation – Physics Institute, STEM Squared, Project Learning Tree: Environmental Education for K-8, “Connected Beginnings” course created by The Center for Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning, The Life Is Good “Playmakers” Training, Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation, Non-violent Communication and Building Resiliency in Youth.

Kimberly’s Fieldwork has also taken her abroad. The Armenian Tree Project and Armenian Missionary Association educational trip in 2015 included visiting schools and villages such as Avedisian School, TUMO Center, Bilezikian Kindergarten, Boghosian Educational Center, and Shogh Vanadzor Community-Based Day Center, and in 2013, Kimberly traveled to Ethiopia to present at the National STEM conference.

Kimberly’s enthusiastic support of Cape Cod Toy Library is rooted in her STEM background:

"As a lifelong educator who has served as a Science Teacher, STEM Consultant, and Curriculum and Professional Development Coordinator, I have witnessed how play develops cognitive, social, emotional, and physical mastery in students as well as with my own children and nieces and nephews."

"The power of play fosters imagination, creativity, cooperation, self-control, problem solving, negotiation prowess, fine and gross motor skills, and emotional self-regulation. Unique talents arise and emerge as individuals are allowed to pursue activities that are best suited to their learning style and needs in the moment."

"Don’t we all need a little more play in our lives? The question is how to do we achieve this and make it the mainstream and encourage it within families and educational settings as learning can be a lot of fun!"

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 Dr. Bart Main, MD. is a local Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist of Cape Cod Health System with decades of experience helping children and families. Dr. Main evaluates and treats youth and families and providing consultation to therapists and primary care physicians. He received his Medical Degree in Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Medical School and is Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in General Psychiatry and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. His work on the Cape been highly regarded by anyone who has met him. He has served as an Advisor and Board member of A Calmer Choice helping its mindfulness and empathy programs get established.

Dr. Main served as a panelist for Cape Cod Toy Library’s special event at the Cape Cinema for the debut showing of Mister Roger’s documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” with follow up panel discussion regarding the role of play in children’s social emotional development. He demonstrated his use of puppets to engage and connect with children and described his office as full of toys with which children explore their feelings, self-image and roles. Dr. Main sees “play as an essential part of child development and supports the Cape Cod Toy Library wholeheartedly.”

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Debbie McCoy, Assistant Vice President for Education at The Strong - National Museum of Play offers Cape Cod Toy Library a breadth of expertise in education, museum programs, and Reggio-Emilia inspired practices in pre-school and school age programs. Debbie directs The Strong’s museum education programs, including Woodbury School, an onsite Reggio Emilia-inspired school for children ages three to six and school programs.  She leads professional development training in playful learning and the play-based Reggio Emilia Approach for educators across the country. In 2013, she participated in a North American Study Tour of the schools of Reggio Emilia in Italy.

As a founding kindergarten and first grade teacher and member of the Board of Trustees of the Genesee Community Charter School at the Rochester Museum & Science Center, Debbie implemented an innovative Expeditionary Learning model. She developed and facilitated national institutes for  Expeditionary Learning Schools, the Primary Institute and the Early Literacy Institute.  Debbie’s past work includes designing experiences for children using exhibits at the Rochester Museum & Science Center and the National Museum of Play. She also provided professional development for teachers from Rochester City School District through a New York State Dissemination Grant and staff development for teachers from Springfield, Massachusetts through a Federal Arts in Education Grant.

Debbie has also served as the Education Coordinator for six Head Start and Early Head Start Centers, developed curriculum and provided staff development. In addition, she served as the Center Director & Education Coordinator for a Children’s Center for Infants through Kindergarten children.

Debbie holds a Master’s degree in elementary education from the State University of New York at Geneseo and permanent New York State teaching certification (Pre-K-6)

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Deb McLean, M.Ed., is an Early Childhood/Special Educator, currently working in a language-based, integrated preschool for Acton-Boxborough Regional School District in Massachusetts. Deb is a certified Massachusetts Educational Mentor, and she is involved in Harvard's Project Zero’s Out of Eden Learning initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Deb also works as a part-time educational consultant in a variety of settings providing expertise in creating learning environments and classroom design, learning materials and manipulatives, multi-cultural curriculum, communication and building positive relationships with children and families, literacy and learning for all ages, stages of child development, and using technology to support learning.

Deb holds a BA in Elementary and Special Education from Salve Regina University and M.Ed. from Wheelock College in Early Childhood Curriculum and Development.  She has completed post-graduate educational courses and institutes at Endicott College, Fitchburg State College, Harvard University, Lesley University, Tufts University, and UMass Dartmouth.

Past professional experiences include being a presenter for Massachusetts Reading Association, Boston Reggio-Emilia Study Group Collaborative, MASSCUE, National Art Convention-New Orleans and METCO Conference, Reggio Emilia Course Assistant at Lesley University, as well as serving as a Religious Education Teacher, NAEYC Consultant, Kindergarten Teacher for Concord Public Schools, MA., Special Education Tutor k-6, and Accredited Home Day Care Provider and Lead Teacher at Infant, Toddler and Children’s Center in Acton, MA. 

Deb is passionate about creating authentic learning environments where children, teachers, administrators and parents collaborate to co-construct knowledge through hands-on, process-oriented, child-driven explorations. She is truly inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, Italy and the Best Teaching practices from educators and researchers at Harvard University.  She strongly believes it is a calling to share her knowledge and resources to facilitate adult learning and to assist in creating positive learning environments in order to help make the world a better place for children, families and communities. Mrs. McLean's class blog is full of examples of Reggio inspired classroom experiences that shows children engaged in the learning process.

Deb McLean lives in Groton, MA with her husband and their youngest daughter. Their family of four children enjoy the summer months at their home in Harwich, MA.  Deb fills her spare time enjoying exercising in the outdoors, traveling, yoga, photography, long walks on the beach, reading, cooking, ministry work and cheering her children on in all of their endeavors.

Nancy & Mr McFeely

Nancy Stanton Multer, MS, is an Early Learning Specialist, a storyteller, and an artist.  Through her consulting business, Engaging Young Learners, she provides professional development both in the classroom working directly with children, and through workshops. In addition to her focus on play and literacy, Nancy’s work incorporates current research on brain development and gender differences.  Her study and understanding of how to help boys thrive was deepened by participating in the Gurian Institute - Summer Institute at the University of Colorado in 2006 and 2010. Findings of studies regarding differences in the wiring of male and female brains are prominent in all her presentations.  Utilizing movement, music and literacy-rich interactions with children, educators and parents, she demonstrates the direct relationship of brain development to behavior and learning. 

Nancy’s past work experience includes mentoring teachers of 3, 4 & 5 year olds through Children’s Institute, Rochester, NY, Early Childhood Play Specialist at Rochester NY's Toy Library and Coordinator/Teaching Artist for Wolf Trap Early Learning Through the Arts for age 3-8 classrooms. Nancy was Executive Director of Child & Family Resources for 25 years as well as lead preschool educator and parent educator for the parent-cooperative preschool for many years. She was responsible for developing an extensive a book and toy lending library.  Under Nancy's leadership, the organization was cited by Cornell University as the most outstanding model in NYS of a rural Family Resource Centers, became a NYS funded Family Resource Center, became a NYS CCR&R, and expanded services to three sites.  It's now located at four sites in three counties,  Nancy's prior work experience included Instructor of Art Educator for Elementary Majors at Michigan State University, Instructor/Consultant for Board of Cooperative Educational Services, and public elementary school Art Educator.

During her 5 years as Play Specialist at Rochester's Toy Library, Nancy provided child care providers, educators, and parents with support and ideas for developmentally appropriate play and learning experiences with young children.  She facilitated field trips at the Toy Library for family childcare groups of children incorporating communication and interaction skills for the adults and experiences for the children that included movement, music and play.  Nancy also facilitated professional development workshops for child care providers and educators, and assisted with choosing books and editing resource materials for Toy Library's "Play & Read to Learn" themed backpacks.  

She currently participates in a Reggio Study Group in Rochester, NY.  She's an advocate for the Reggio approach to preschool education, as well as the Waldorf approach. Both provide a supportive and enriching environment based on children's interests. As Nancy says, when "engaging young learners ...there's always time for discovery and surprise.

Nancy currently serves on a city wide curriculum initiative that supports the reinstatement of play and rich literacy in early childhood education in the Rochester City School District and is an advisor to the Early Childhood Quality Council. She recently helped develop a hands-on STEAM curriculum and collegial circle for Kindergarten teachers, and served on a Play Conference steering committee with Nazareth College and The Strong - National Museum of Play.  In April 2017, Nancy received an Exemplary Early Childhood Educator award from the Rochester AEYC. 

She's soon to become a PreK "classroom grandma," so she can share stories from her 3,000+ children’s book collection and her barn full of story props and toys!  She is also currently working on publishing a booklet that will help both children, educators and parents understand important information about the brain and its development.  Her ongoing goal is to help children be successful learners and adults make better choices regarding communication and interactions with young children.

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Michael M. Patte, Ph.D. Professor of Teaching & Learning at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Patte is a Distinguished Fulbright Scholar, Co-editor of the International Journal of Play, Past President of The Association for the Study of Play, and Board Member of The International Council for Children’s Play. He’s also a member of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Early Learning Council that’s responsible for planning the expansion of effective early learning and development services for Pennsylvania’s young children and families.

In his role as a Professor of Teaching & Learning at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in the College of Education he prepares undergraduate students for careers in education, child life, and playwork. During his 25-year career he’s developed an interest in the fields of child development, early childhood education, and play and has shared his scholarship through publications, international and national conference presentations, and advocacy projects. His latest co-authored edited books include a Handbook of International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education (2018), Play and Culture Studies Volume 13: Celebrating 40 Years of Play Research – Reflecting on Our Past, Exploring the Present, and Playing into the Future (2016), and International Perspectives on Children’s Play (2015).

Dr. Patte has published numerous articles on play research and child development and play policy and has been a recipient of many grants to support community engagement through play. He’s been recognized for his leadership and advocacy for play. Awards include :

  • Brian Sutton-Smith Play Scholar Award (2017) for exemplary play scholarship and service to The Association for the Study of play (TASP).

  • Patricia Monigham Nourot Award (2016) for exemplary leadership and play advocacy in the Play, Policy, and Practice Interest Forum of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

  • Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award (2010) in the United Kingdom.

His ongoing leadership includes his participation as a member of the following committees:

  • International Council for Children’s Play Board promoting research on children's play and toys.

  • Governor’s Early Learning Council planning the expansion of effective early learning and development services for young children and their families.

  • Pennsylvania Professional Development School Network Taskforce enhancing the education of students and professional staffs through shared expertise and resources, collaborative projects, and research.

  • The Association for the Study of Play Board providing leadership in membership recruitment, planning the annual conference, and establishing professional partnerships with other organizations.

  • CAPE Elementary Teacher Preparation Program Reviewer assessing national standards for elementary teacher preparation programs to ensure quality and adherence to the NCATE accreditation guidelines.

Dr. Patte’s consultancy work includes working with Playworld serving as a Play Advocate & Child Development Expert.  He also worked with the Toy Industry Association as a Genius of Play Campaign Expert for the Genius of Play Campaign composing an article on the decline of unstructued play and the resulting implications for whole child development.

“As a play researcher and advocate I am committed to organizations like the Cape Cod Toy Library who offer high play value toys, materials, loose parts and community programing to stimulate whole person development across the lifespan.”

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Bonny Campbell-Runyon has always loved keeping company with children!  So, combining a passion for the arts and education, she obtained a BFA in Art Education and has worked and played with children ever since.  While raising two children, she ran a business crafting herbal wreaths and handmade baskets, directed a summer arts program for K-HS at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, served as art director for Cape Cod Sea Camps (pre-K thru HS), created and ran a private preschool summer camp in Yarmouth, taught preschool and Kindergarten at the Family School and was a founding member of the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School. Her last 17 years before retirement were spent as lead teacher and curriculum specialist at Owl Moon Preschool in Brewster.

The African Dance bug bit Bonny after attending classes with Tara Murphy and she went on to perform African Dance with her group, Cape Cod African Dance and Drum, at schools, festivals, parades and private events. Currently, she volunteers at Heritage Gardens in Sandwich helping to maintain their beautiful gardens as another passion of hers and serves on the Orleans Cultural District committee promoting the arts in Orleans and spend as much time as possible with her grandchildren.

“Becoming involved with the Cape Cod Toy Library is a natural extension of my love of and involvement with children and families. There is an enormous need for community building on Cape Cod which is one of the major benefits of a toy library. Many neighborhoods have seasonal residents making it harder to connect with and be supported by neighbors. Many families struggle to stay afloat.  Children and adults spend more and more time in front of screens. Here is an opportunity to support a center which seeks to provide a safe, child centered space for families to come together, play, socialize, create, learn, network, relax, meet new people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and borrow toys!!!”

“I am delighted to be part of helping this dream come true on Cape Cod.”  

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Amber Smith, is a Founding Board member and Executive Director of the Finger Lakes Toy Library (FLTL) in Ithaca, NY that opened in June 2017. FLTL has its focus set on high-quality playthings and open-ended, free-play opportunities and offers toy lending as well as programming to local community organizations with those goals in mind.

Amber has been working with young children for 25 years in daycare and nursery schools, and as a nanny where she has honed her knowledge of early childhood development and play practices. She has a BA in Child Development from Empire State College, where she studied the value of play in young children as well as the cross-cultural differences in children’s play around the world.

Amber currently works with the Global Roots Play School, in Ithaca, developed to respond to the child care needs of immigrants and refugees attending English classes. The school is a unique multilingual play environment and has even further challenged and advanced Amber’s understanding of play and child development. As the Early Childhood Specialist Consultant for the Family Reading Partnership in Ithaca, Amber helps develop and administer early literacy programming as well as trainings for child care providers in the community.

Amber is passionate about bringing open-ended play opportunities to the children of the Finger Lakes and beyond and loves nothing more than observing children in their play.

"Toy libraries are such a wonderful resource for a community to share. With a solid foundation built on early childhood development knowledge, a toy library can offer important services and information to its local residents and organizations. High-quality playthings expand children's development by building the skills and curiosity essential to their future's, and toy libraries are a great way to bring those resources to all."


Kathy Teahan is a retired teacher and Massachusetts legislator.  She earned her B.A. in English from Bridgewater State University in 1969 and taught in the East Bridgewater and Whitman- Hanson School Districts for a total of 13 years.  While representing the towns of Abington, East Bridgewater and Whitman in the House of Representatives from 1997-2007, Kathy served on the Committees on Public Health, State Administration, and Elder Affairs, as well as many special commissions and subcommittees.  In 2017, she published a children’s book, The Cookie Loved ‘Round the World, the history of the Toll House chocolate chip cookie and its invention in Whitman. 

Ms. Teahan moved to Harwich Port in 2008.She remains active in politics as a volunteer and mentor for other candidates.She helps at the Faith Family Food Kitchen in Hyannis and participates in social justice causes with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.She is very happy to have four granddaughters and one great-grandson.Kathy’s goal is to leave a more peaceful and just world for all children.

“Research shows that a child’s early development significantly impacts her future success in school and life.  The Cape Cod Toy Library will provide parents with the skills and materials to give their children a strong foundation for becoming happy, healthy adults.  I support the Cape Cod Toy Library because it gives life to my dream of a more peaceful and just world for all children.”


 MARKETING & Development 

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 9.57.46 PM.png

Rich Brothers, President Emeritus, Cape and Islands United Way. Rich has worked over his career with literally hundreds of volunteers to raise in excess of $300,000,000 for health and human service agencies funded by local United Ways in New England!

Rich recently retired as President and CEO of the Cape and Islands United Way, a position he held for thirteen years. During his tenure he increased the average year’s fundraising total by 30%. He achieved his goal of transforming the United Way board, created the “Second Home Community” fund and established the United Way as “convener” for Cape “not for profits”, government agencies and funders to improve service delivery and fundraising in a more efficient and effective way.

Before coming to work on Cape Cod, Rich was Vice President of the United Ways of New England as the primary fundraising counselor for 60 multi-state businesses and 30 local United Ways in Eastern New England. Prior to his career with United Way, Rich held several management positions with Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Boston. Rich is a native of Boston, and today lives in Chatham with his wife and spends some of his time as Principal/Consultant at Dorbury Consulting.

Rich has been an enthusiastic supporter of Cape Cod Toy Library since his first hearing the concept in 2015. In Rich’s words:  

"With all the issues facing children and students today, in the nation and on the Cape, it behooves persons to take steps to build families strong and make persons respect each other at all costs.”

“I am convinced based upon decades of success in the Rochester, New York community that the Cape Cod community can most assuredly benefit from such a positive and fundamental Family Focused program!  I am proud to be listed as an Advisor!"


Tim Carlson, is a passionate leader in the formulation and implementation of technology, brand, marketing and sales strategies. A frequent speaker within the business and design communities, including the American Marketing Association, AIGA, Seybold, and the Massachusetts Entrepreneur Program, Tim has become recognized as an expert at maintaining and delivering precisely targeted business initiatives and programming.

Throughout his career, Tim has worked with more than 200 brands - large and small - in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. That work has focused on bringing companies, products and services to life and to market. Some examples of those clients include: Agfa/Monotype, Arbella Insurance Group, Atlantic Broadband, Avaya Communications, Dartmouth College, Grubb & Ellis, Harvard Medical School, The John F. Kennedy Library and Foundation, Lucent Technology, MIT, Polaroid Graphics Imaging, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Wellesley College, Whole Foods, and Universal Music Group.

His current company, thinkcube, works closely with creators, business and organizational leaders, and change agents to incubate, challenge and advance new business concepts, products, services and untraditional offerings. thinkcube applies design methods to allow for deep understanding, ideation, creative strategy building, activation of ideas, evaluation and evolution of plan. This methodology is effectively used to better understand customers, delivery new experiences for internal and external stakeholders and design/execute innovative business strategies and models.

Prior to thinkcube, Tim was most recently the Chief Product Officer and Head of Marketing and Sales at Talent Partners, a $850M business services organization and managing partner at Oxygen, a strategy, brand and marketing consultancy.

Tim is an award-winning designer and has a business degree in finance and marketing from Boston University.


Christopher (Chris) S. Galazzi  brings a wealth of business, leadership and community experience.

Chris grew up on the Cape graduating from Nauset High School and has three daughters attending middle school and high school on the Cape. He attended college at Georgetown University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Political Philosophy and Economics. He later completed a certificate program in the Wholesale Electricity Market from ISO-New England. Chris spent the first 15 years of his career as a business development specialist in Silicon Valley, New York and Hollywood, developing interactive television technology products and services for a number of ventures including American Express, AT&T and pre/post IPO Wink Communications, where he executed over 30 Licensing Agreements.

In 2004, Chris founded Zenergy Consulting, a marketing and project management service to individuals, and pro-social non-profit and for-profit ventures. Zenergy Consulting conceives and executes uniquely tailored strategic step by step knowledge growth, creating an environment of trust, where vulnerability creates space for equal parts innovation and joy. Engagements have included 

  • Medical device maintenance and procedure CMMS service BioMed.TechZenergy

  • Online innovation accelerator Invention City,

  • Methane to gas start up Feed Resource

  • Social marketing service Changents,

  • Utility scale solar finance company Solbridge Energy,

  • Healthy foods producer Applegate Farms

  • At-risk youth and adult work skills training boat building program at Cape Cod Maritime Museum, 

  • Emotional and cognitive educational programs at The Family Schools and Brewster Day Camp, and

  • Education software developers Strawz, OKTV and Veritas Tutoring.

Chris has enjoyed membership in 

  • Academy of Television Arts and Sciences,

  • American Wind Energy Association,

  • Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand,

  • Hyannis Rotary Club,

  • Georgetown Alumni Association as former AAP175 Chairman of the Admissions Program

  • Nauset Regional School Committee, Vice Chairman as a publicly elected two term member.

Chris enthusiastically supports Cape Cod Toy Library because – "Scientific research is proving what educators have known for years; the quality of child's play has a direct impact on adult cognitive and emotional intelligence, as well as confidence and resilience, which are integral to a sense of personal satisfaction and joy in life. The Toy Library creates space for families and communities, translating the science of play into the art of play, for both children and adults of all socio-economic backgrounds. I am excited to bring my skills and experience to support Deb and her team".

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.02.57 PM.png

George W. Malloy, CPA, has been in public practice as a Certified Public Accountant since 1991 beginning with operating from his office in Wellfleet. From 2006-2017 George joined with partners Robert Lynch and Anthony Marini, leading Lynch, Malloy, Marini (LMM) as one of the larger and most progressive firms in the region. In 2018, George left LMM to start Malloy & Co. CPA, Inc. at the same location in Brewster.  George’s breadth of expertise ranges from experience in taxation, tax planning, business planning and personal service as well as working with non-profits including formation, auditing, financial reporting. George’s experience also includes serving as a trustee, a corporate receiver and as a board member of various non-profit organizations.

George graduated from the University of New Hampshire at Plymouth State with a BA degree and subsequently from Babson College with an MBA. George is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts and the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants.

SIMS .png

Sims McGrath, brings a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of the Cape community from his experience as a municipal volunteer and elected official in addition to his real estate and retail business.

Sims is a Massachusetts native and well-acquainted with many Cape communities, especially Orleans, Chatham, Harwich and Brewster.  He grew up in Topsfield and his wife Heather grew up in Chatham. Following college at Syracuse University, they moved to Orleans in 1983. In 1984 they started Simpler Pleasures, a successful decorating and home furnishings business on Main Street in Chatham.

From 1987 to 1991 Sims was a Realtor in Chatham. He has owned and run a real estate management and maintenance business since 1987 and is a partner in HMD Architects, LLC, a residential design and construction business, where he has worked as Project Manager and in new business development since 2003. Today, Sims continues his role as realtor as a Massachusetts Licensed Real Estate Broker.

His associations include the National Association of Realtors, Massachusetts Association of Realtors, Cape Cod & Islands Association of Realtors, Cape Cod and Islands Selectmen and Councilors Association, Chatham Chamber of Commerce, and Chatham Merchants' Association.

Sims community involvement has been extensive. He currently serves as a member of Orleans Board of Health. Previously, he has served locally as:
- Orleans Board of Selectmen, 2009-2017, Chairman F.Y. '14 & F.Y. '17
- Orleans Planning Board, 1996-2009 Chairman F.Y. '05, F.Y. '09
- Orleans Board of Health 2006-2009, Chairman F.Y. '08
- Wastewater Management Steering Committee, 2003-2009
- Zoning Bylaw Taskforce, 2002-2009
- Local Comprehensive Plan Committee, 1997, 1999
- Trustee, Orleans Afterschool Activities Program, 1996-1999

Regionally, Sims community engagement includes:
- Barnstable Water Protection Collaborative, 2011-Present, Current Chairman
- Cape Cod Metropolitan Planning Organization (transportation) 2011-2017
- Cape Cod Commission Section 208 Stakeholder and Watershed Group member (2 groups) 2012-2014
- Lower Cape Representative to C.C. Commission Cape-wide Section 208 Working Group, 2014-2015
- Barnstable County Solid Waste advisory Committee, 2010-2011
- Barnstable County Oceans Management Plan, 2010-2011

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 12.46.55 PM.png

Dawn Marie Teixeira, MBA, is a Cape Cod native and has deep family and personal ties to the Cape community. She attended Harwich High School and after graduation attended St. Louis University on a field hockey scholarship.

Dawn holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. In addition, she is Lean Six Sigma certified. She has been an undergraduate adjunct professor and has created university level course literature for business and  marketing classes.

Dawn Teixeira’s 20 Years in Management in the Telecom Industry has afforded her the opportunity to support various global teams and manage diverse groups. Dawn also has 8 years of experience in Project Management. She has overseen commercial construction projects applying a full-service approach by managing the construction phase (milestones, budget, and purchasing) as well as providing creative support including interior design, marketing, promotion, public relations.

Dawn’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand a company’s reach. Dawn is an excellent problem solver with strategic and tactical skills. She consistently strives to create long-term relationships that facilitate synergy and win/win outcomes. 

Dawn has volunteered in whatever community she resides.  She especially has a great passion for mentoring youth through both educational and athletic programs. She sits on a Board for a youth soccer program and has coached soccer for the past 10 years.

Currently, Dawn is working to build her family cleaning business, Cape Cod Turnovers, LLC, balancing being a mother and an entrepreneur.

Dawn’s passion for mentoring and education is a great fit for her advisory support of Cape Cod Toy Library. She is excited to contribute her time and energy into making it a success.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 8.37.45 PM.png

Katherine Touafek, Founding Director of The School to Careers Partnership serving the metro Boston area. Katherine’s hallmark is working with businesses and organizations bringing diverse groups together.  Her past work includes marketing director of a national office suite company, president of a regional business association, and various other strategic marketing projects in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  Since 1996, in her work with School to Careers, on the business side, Katherine works with major corporations, regional businesses, organizations, legislators and in all verticals, in the metro Boston region to address workforce development issues and meet community mission strategies. She has worked with a number of charitable foundations meeting their missions through targeted programming, funding advising and evaluation. 

On the education side, Katherine leads the School to Careers Partnership serving approximately 10,000 students providing over 4,000 site based opportunities each.  Overseeing 10 p/t staff and managing all aspects of the organization including finance, social media, event planning, management and anything that needs to be done!  In 2007, Katherine was awarded an “Unsung Hero” award by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Woman and a citation from Governor Deval Patrick for her work with School to Careers. 

Other community commitments have included Chairman of the Board Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce, Advisory Board Steward Norwood Hospital, Regional GED/ESOL Advisory Board Member, Board Member/Secretary Perennial Planters GCA, Founding Member/CMO Providence Premieres, Wayland Square Neighborhood Association and various other volunteering.

Katherine feels there is always something to learn while making a positive impact on the lives of young people.  A graduate of Boston College, she resides in Wayland Square in Providence, RI with her husband, is the mother to three sons and always thrilled to laugh, smile and play...essential to everything! 

"Making a sustainable life for every individual, from the start, is vital. Good for the individual, great for economic development and essential for our world.  Cape Cod Toy Library creates a space for the essential elements...building blocks of play that will sustain and launch our children in the best possible way.  Creative, empowering and permanent."