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Deb McCoy, Assistant Vice President for Education at The Strong - National Museum of Play offers Cape Cod Toy Library a breadth of expertise in education, museum programs, and Reggio-Emilia inspired practices in pre-school and school age programs. Debbie directs The Strong’s museum education programs, including Woodbury School, an onsite Reggio Emilia-inspired school for children ages three to six and school programs.  She leads professional development training in playful learning and the play-based Reggio Emilia Approach for educators across the country. In 2013, she participated in a North American Study Tour of the schools of Reggio Emilia in Italy.

As a founding kindergarten and first grade teacher and member of the Board of Trustees of the Genesee Community Charter School at the Rochester Museum & Science Center, Debbie implemented an innovative Expeditionary Learning model. She developed and facilitated national institutes for  Expeditionary Learning Schools, the Primary Institute and the Early Literacy Institute.  Deb’s past work includes designing experiences for children using exhibits at the Rochester Museum & Science Center and the National Museum of Play. She also provided professional development for teachers from Rochester City School District through a New York State Dissemination Grant and staff development for teachers from Springfield, Massachusetts through a Federal Arts in Education Grant.

Deb has also served as the Education Coordinator for six Head Start and Early Head Start Centers, developed curriculum and provided staff development. In addition, she served as the Center Director & Education Coordinator for a Children’s Center for Infants through Kindergarten children.

Debbie holds a Master’s degree in elementary education from the State University of New York at Geneseo and permanent New York State teaching certification (Pre-K-6).


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Catherine (Cady) Douglass born and raised on Cape Cod is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont. She holds a degree in public communications with course work in education. During college she participated in several service learning projects working with local non-profits doing marketing and event planning. In addition, Cady spent over 150 hours student teaching in a Reggio-Emilia inspired childcare center. 

When Cady learned of the Cape Cod Toy Library and the opportunity to share her passion for education and marketing and communication she enthusiastically came on board. Cady wants to help however she can with immediate needs as well as provide support with CCTL marketing and communications indefinitely.

As the 3rd of 4 children in her family, Cady is very close with her family. She admires her  mother as a role model who has been a teacher on the Cape for over 30 years. Cady names her mother as the inspiration for getting her first job in childcare, when she was still in high school. Since that time, Cady has always worked with children in some capacity whether it be in a classroom, swim lessons or volunteering.


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Dawn Marie Teixeira, MBA, is a Cape Cod native and has deep family and personal ties to the Cape community. She attended Harwich High School and after graduation attended St. Louis University on a field hockey scholarship.

Dawn holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. In addition, she is Lean Six Sigma certified. She has been an undergraduate adjunct professor and has created university level course literature for business and  marketing classes.

Dawn Teixeira’s 20 Years in Management in the Telecom Industry has afforded her the opportunity to support various global teams and manage diverse groups. Dawn also has 8 years of experience in Project Management. She has overseen commercial construction projects applying a full-service approach by managing the construction phase (milestones, budget, and purchasing) as well as providing creative support including interior design, marketing, promotion, public relations.

Dawn’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand a company’s reach. Dawn is an excellent problem solver with strategic and tactical skills. She consistently strives to create long-term relationships that facilitate synergy and win/win outcomes. 

Dawn has volunteered in whatever community she resides.  She especially has a great passion for mentoring youth through both educational and athletic programs. She sits on a Board for a youth soccer program and has coached soccer for the past 10 years.

Currently, Dawn is working to build her family cleaning business, Cape Cod Turnovers, LLC, balancing being a mother and an entrepreneur.

Dawn’s passion for mentoring and education is a great fit for her advisory support of Cape Cod Toy Library. She is excited to contribute her time and energy into making it a success.


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Janet Ware Doucette, MA LMHC, is grateful to share her unique perspective as a Cape resident for more than thirty years. She feels fortunate to have been able to raise her family on Cape Cod. Her children and their childhood friends have now become parents and are contributing to the various communities on this fragile land. Janet now enjoys “watching her grandchildren learn, thrive, and grow into the next generation charged with balancing a sustainable living while maintaining the beauty of Cape Cod.”

Janet has contributed to the growth and well-being of the Lower Cape community as a psychotherapist dealing with the alleviation of stress related illnesses and working with clients in transition. She’s seen first hand “the struggle many Cape families experience in order to raise educated, happy children who can then be empowered to sustain the businesses, traditions, and diverse lifestyles of Cape Cod.”

Janet received her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as her undergraduate studies in Behavioral Science from Lesley University and her Associates Degree in Psychology from Cape Cod Community College.  Janet’s professional background also includes her work as a professional speaker on topics of stress resiliency, biofeedback, meditation and mindfulness. She has served as a Life Management Therapist, Bio-feedback Specialist, Crisis Counselor. Her background also includes business consulting for start-up business planning and organization, technical advising, computer systems, accounting and budgeting. Janet served as Orleans Foundation, Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer for several years.

“I first learned about the toy-lending concept after Rochester New York’s Toy Library found its current home in the Rochester Public Library. I became excited thinking about the benefits such an idea could have for the children and families of Cape Cod.  After talking extensively with Deb Willsea and encouraging her to lead the way for developing Cape Cod Toy Library, I knew I wanted to be involved.”

“There are many reasons why I believe in, and want to support, the Cape Cod Toy Library.  It is not just a great year-round and seasonal resource for families (intact, single, or extended) to bring their children for organized play and discovery.  It is a wonderful place for educators and therapists to utilize for their own organizational purposes and services.  Most importantly, it’s a safe harbor for children whose families are struggling or in transition.”

“Grandparents in today’s world are often providing child-care for their grandchildren.  The Cape Cod Toy Library offers a wide range of age-appropriate, educational toys for children while respecting cultural diversity and enrichment opportunities. Imagine choosing a new board game, sitting down with your child or grandchild and learning the rules and strategies of the play together. Imagine being able to borrow some rainy day toys from this lending library that will inspire a young child’s mind.  Imagine being able to watch your child’s mind grow as they explore and discover toys that are not available in local stores or the cost of which is prohibitive for many Cape Cod budgets.”

“Recently I observed a little girl, who had experienced the trauma of domestic violence, play with another child.  When I first met her, she did not know how to play at all.  She did not know how to interact with toys or children her own age.  Now in a safe setting, she and another little girl built a house out of Legos and then used small toy people to dialog with one another.  She was laughing and giggling, sharing and building, not crying, pushing or throwing things.  It was a joy to see this child enter an imaginary world where she was safe and free to explore.  Happiness is every child’s birthright.  Play is the world in which they can discover how to build happiness for themselves through interaction, communication, behavior and discovery.” 

 “I look forward to helping Deb Willsea bring this opportunity to Cape Cod, where the families, themselves, will make it their own unique tradition.  What a wonderful wash-a-shore treasure!”


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Mary Wilson is known throughout the Cape for her expertise as a Family Engagement Specialist, a Parent and Provider Trainer and a Professional Puppeteer. She has been in the field of Early Education and Care for over 30 years.  Mary’s experience leading the start-up of programs, initiating, facilitating and coordinating successful programs has developed a strong following of program facilitators and program participants.

Mary’s education background includes Early Childhood Education at Wheelock College, OFC/ OCCS Director II Qualification at Bristol Community College, and BA Psychology at UMASS Boston. Mary’s focus on family engagement and early literacy over the years  includes:

  • Currently, as Coordinated Family Community Engagement (CFCE) through Cape Cod Children’s Center Mary provides Upper-Cape family support, playgroups, resource & referrals, developmental screenings, parent education and early literacy activities.
  • As President of Pitter Patter Enterprises, Inc. Mary provides consulting services as a Family Engagement Specialist and Parent & Provider Trainer/Mentor.  Her services, since 1997, have supported corporate and non-profit early education initiatives, group day care centers, family day care centers, and projects involved with the care of children and their families. She has also been a professional puppeteer, providing early literacy-based performances to young children and their families, for over 20 years. She is currently working contractually on projects related to family engagement, Empathy-Social Emotional Development curriculum development and professional development training initiatives locally and statewide.
  • As the Coordinator of the Cape & Islands Maternal Depression Task Force since 2005-Mary took the lead role in starting the Task Force on Cape Cod and the Islands to create and sustain systematic change in the identification and treatment of women with Postpartum Mood Disorders. She has led the Task Force in many initiatives including multi-disciplinary training, developing and maintaining a regional resource list for referrals, responding to the needs of women and their families by building a network of care and systemic change, and advocating on a Statewide level to secure support for the Postpartum Depression Legislation that is now in effect for Massachusetts. Mary continues to guide the Task Force and assists other communities across the State to build systems of care that respond to the needs of women and their families.
  • As Coordinator of Mid Cape CFCE /CCCDP - FUN Program (April ‘00 – April ‘16) Mary was responsible for the start-up of the program and grant writing including all budgeting and reporting requirements for the EEC grant-funded project, staffing, purchasing of all materials, set up of physical space, coordinating and implementing parent/teacher training, program development, facilitation of programs and outreach for families with children Birth -8 years, networking in the Early Childhood Education community, collaborating with community agencies/programs/businesses, referrals, home visiting, fundraising, completing required documentation and data collection, and working with the Mid Cape CFCE Council.
  • As Coordinator for Mashpee Community Partnerships Program (Mar ‘99 –Jun ‘00) Mary was responsible for coordinating all grant efforts for the Community Partnerships Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Education in the Town of Mashpee, MA. Duties included grant writing and adhering to all budget requirements of the grant, coordinating and implementing parent/teacher training, assisting families with child care financial assistance and referrals to child care programs, coordinating quality child care initiatives through the grant, and working with the Mashpee Community Partnerships Council and the Mashpee Public Schools.
  • As the 0-3 Community Outreach Coordinator for Harwich Family Resource Center (Mar ‘98 – Jan ’01) Mary was responsible for the start-up of the program, including grant writing and all budgeting requirements for the grant-funded project, purchasing all materials, set up of physical space, coordinating and implementing parent/teacher training, facilitation and program development for families with children 0-3, consulting with group and family childcare programs, referrals, home visiting, completing required documentation and data collection, collaborating with community organizations, and working with the EC Advisory Council.
  • Prior to 1998, Mary was Director of the YMCA Children’s Crossings and the Director of an Intergenerational Child Care Program and Early Education Professional and Teacher.