Who we serve


Cape Cod Toy Library is for all Cape children and parents, grandparents, foster parents, childcare providers, early intervention practitioners, educators, and social workers – across the Cape and Islands - for those that live year-round on the Cape, as well as for those who live on the Cape part of the year or who simply visit or vacation on the Cape.

The Cape Cod Toy Library is an inclusive model that invites and supports families from all cultural, education and economic backgrounds.

The toy collection and resource materials will focus on young children, infants through age 9. Toys and materials will also be available to support preschool through primary grade curriculum as well as for physical difficulties and remedial needs.  In addition, many games, puzzles and creative toys will be appropriate for all ages - for family and multi-generational play.

Mixed ages of children, from toddlers to teens, will be welcomed to foster opportunities for interactions with each other, as well as with caring adults through their play experiences. The opportunity for mixed age interactions and play is especially important today, as children are often segregated by age.

Outreach will specifically focus on bringing high quality early childhood materials and support resources to children and families with high needs, including non-English speaking families, single parent households, isolated families, and families with children with special needs, families with limited transportation and families challenged with mental health circumstances. The initial focus will be Mid, Lower & Outer Cape families where resources are typically less available than other parts of the Cape. 


Here's a gallery of photos to highlight child and family engagement during programs and events in the community as we work towards securing a home for a permanent family play space and lending library of play materials and parenting and child development resources.