The goal is develop a centrally-located Cape Cod Toy Library, Inc. as the headquarters for its on-site programs and outreach activities.  As a "Family Play Learning Center" it will be created as an aesthetically attractive, welcoming, learning environment with enriching educational materials for sensory and creative as well as science and math explorations to support children’s cognitive, social, emotional, sensory, creative and physical development.

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Reception Area

A welcoming reception area and circulation desk will include child development and parenting resource information as well as a selected toys and gifts for sale.

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Main Play Area 

CCTL will be a “Reggio inspired” environment. Every furnishing and play material will be considered for its purpose to enhance curiosity, engagement in learning and discovery. 

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Toy Library  

Access to the collection of toys and resources will give children and adults the freedom to choose and try out new things – empowering them and building their confidence. 

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Play Therapy Room

A Play Therapy room for therapeutic sessions for small groups or 1:1. CCTL will serve as a  “natural environment” for therapists to provide their services and to do behavioral screenings.

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Meeting Space 

A large two way mirror is envisioned from a versatile meeting space into a play therapy room for parent observations, professional  training purposes and for grant funded educational research. 

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A Reggio-inspired space... 

Cape Cod Toy Library will be a                              “Reggio inspired” toy library –                            we believe it will be the first.

The Reggio Emilia, child-centered approach to facilitating and supporting children’s learning will be exemplified both through the aesthetic environment and the staff’s intentional planning and responses to the children that expands upon the children’s interests and ideas, supporting their social-emotional needs, and deepening and broadening the learning experiences.  Cape Cod Toy Library’s learning environment will be welcoming, safe, comfortable and nurturing for children and families. It will play an important role in children and families’ lives in developing a sense of community, social-emotional well-being and joyful engagement in life-long learning.

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A Reggio inspired environment is known for being filled with natural light, order, and aesthetic beauty.

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The space will be set up intentionally to  encourage collaboration, communication and  exploration. 

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Every furnishing and play material is considered for its purpose to enhance curiosity, engagement in learning and discovery.


The learning environment is intended to “dazzle our senses, invite curiosity and discovery, and most importantly foster strong, respectful relationships.”

(“Making the Environment the Third Teacher” Maggie Carter, Exchange Magazine July/August 2007)