Cape Cod Chronicle - Letter to the Editor

"Toy Library Has Enriched Lives”  Cape Cod Chronicle - Letter to the Editor - December 26, 2018


Today, I write to thank all who have given their time, talent, and treasure to support the vision of what the development of Cape Cod Toy Library, Inc. means for Cape children and families.  Your support has already touched the lives of more than 400 children, parents and grandparents through a series of community programs and events across the Cape from Cotuit to Orleans.  Your support has created new opportunities for families to spend quality time together – learning and growing and creating meaningful memories of time shared together. Your support has brought happiness to many children from babies to teens as they’ve explored and made discoveries with play materials, used their imaginations to create something, and made new friends. And your support has helped parents better understand ways they can enhance their children’s development and learning through providing screen-free, enriching play experiences. Your support of Cape Cod Toy Library is fulfilling the wish of children – you’re giving children opportunities to explore, experiment, imagine, create and build relationships!  You’re giving children the foundation for all learning and success in school and life!

Thank you for supporting the scientific research that children learn best through playful, relationship-based experiences!  May your holidays be fulfilling – as you remember your childhood play experiences and enjoy spontaneous, playful moments with others!  

Deb Willsea, founder, president Cape Cod Toy Library, Inc.